Evolve is a trusted provider of LED display solutions in Africa, specialising in Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays.  Founded in 2010, Evolve is renowned for providing reliable, high-quality products with best-in-class performance


LED Applications

Whether you want to promote, inform or educate your customers, a larger than life dynamic LED display can significantly build and enhance your brand, disseminating your message faster, more clearly and to a wider audience.

We service the following Sectors:

Places of Worship, Civic, Municipal, Healthcare & Medical Services

Auto Dealerships, Convenience Stores, Banks, Malls, Shopping Centers, Restaurant, Retail

Arts & Theater, Casinos, Hospitality, Sports Venues

Outdoor Billboards

Indoor SMD LED

LUCID sereis transparent LED display is a revolutionary medium that used to create highly impressive and memorable attention to the public

Outdoor SMD LED

For all exhibitions, corporate events and audio-visual rental markets where a comprehensive range of digital display products are available for lease to companies and individuals.

Transparent LED

Complete solutions on a digital platform for the commercial market encompassing aspects such as public facing, corporate and commercial communication and marketing displays.  Our specialist display technologies include large format display panels (Plasma, LCD and LED screens), projectors and LED video wall solutions.

Our Clients